Elisabetta AscioneElisabetta Ascione









  • Ars or Inventio? Inventio, every day
  • Where would you like to work if you weren’t in AetI? In the “education” field, in which to experiment, testify but also meet and develop new ideas
  • Who would you like your best client to be? Simply those ready to call something in discussion and willing to innovate, even and especially at his own risk
  • What or who are your three most favorite innovation examples? Disposable diapers (I’m the mother of two twins!), all the “digital” world: Internet, social networks, tools like videoconference that bring people and ideas in the world
  • What or who would you never, ever give up? My independence
  • What book, film or people have brought innovation into your life? Generally, I prefer to think of the people: my father, a great inspiring mentor, he led me to take risks and try, my twin daughters who “re-innovate” my life
  • Favourite quote Nihil difficile volenti