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Our story

Ars et Inventio is the Innovation and Creative Division of the Business Integration Partners consulting group.

Our group is made up of people and professionals — we like to define ourselves as mentors and designers of Innovation and Creativity.

Since 2003, thanks to our extensive experience and the development of specific proficiency and skills, we accompany, and directly involve, company stakeholders in a practical and results-oriented approach to innovation.

la-nostra-storiaWe feed the creativity already present within the company’s innovation ecosystem through a continuous process of idea generation (INVENTIO) in order to bring innovation to all aspects of the business model (products, services, processes, markets and technologies).

We convert this wealth of ideas into an original and effective methodology (ARS) and an extensive set of tangible instruments for transforming ideas into value.

We draw on the more than 80 tools we have gathered and tested over the years, through the study of numerous “maestros,” about 150 creative groups and over 200 of the most innovative companies in the world.