Valentina De MatteoValentina De Matteo









  • Ars or Inventio? INVENTyARSelf. Everyday.
  • Where would you like to work if you weren’t in AetI? In a hole-in-roof room
  • Who would you like your best client to be? The #InventAddicted
  • What or who are your three most favorite innovation examples? The wardrobe (to guard beautiful things). The basket (to throw useless things away). Pen and paper (to write about beautiful things and ignore useless ones).
  • What or who would you never, ever give up? The loud music. A thinking brain. My dancing star.
  • What book, film or people have brought innovation into your life? The bus driver. Who today kept on repeating himself the shortest way isn’t always the quickest one.
  • Favourite quote: “Fantasy is a place where it rains” (Italo Calvino)