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The founder

Ars et Inventio was founded by Ernesto Ciorra who was for it, from 2003 until mid-2014, soul, inspiration and guidance.

His ambitious project, began with two colleagues, has grown to carve out an important niche in consulting, taking it to be the innovation division of a Group (Bip), which employs more than 900 professionals in the world. Ernesto, before others, understood the importance of innovation as a structured process and engine for real change, cultural prior than organizational.

Even if our streets were separated (now he is Head of Innovation and Sustainability in Enel), his mark remains in our way of understanding the work, collaboration among colleagues and the relationship with customers.

Below, his profile … in our own way.

Ernesto CiorraErnesto Ciorra








  • Ars or Inventio? Innovation!
  • Where would you like to work if you weren’t in AetI? In an Onlus
  • Who would you like your best client to be? An honest government
  • What or who are your three most favorite innovation examples? Gandhi, Giovanni Paolo II and the Internet
  • What or who would you never, ever give up? Matteo, Pietro and Barbara
  • What book, film or people have brought innovation into your life? My mother, Barbara and Alda Merini
  • Favourite quote Carpe diem