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How to choose and adopt digital technologies in business processes

Digital EnterpriseDigital Enterprise

  • Digital technologies represent an opportunity for growth for companies, particularly in relation to their approach to digital culture, the optimization of technological input and the transformation of internal processes into value
  • It is necessary to plan a well-balanced process that is both an expression of the desire for change and evolution as well as a structured procedure in a cycle of renovation and rebirth of the company organization. This may have an impact on the expansion of the business model as well
  • Management often recognizes the significant potential of using new digital technologies to implement this transformation, but is not quite clear how to go about obtaining results
  • Our proposal, Digital Enterprise (V in the InnoFormula®), represents a procedure that allows clients to integrate digital technologies into their business through the development of two different approaches, linear and non linear, in order to optimize results
Digital and Tech PlaylabDigital & Tech Playlab

  • Creation of a scouting laboratory, in-depth analysis and experimentation of digital technologies
  • Selection with a focus on new technological trends and new technologies
  • Identification and contextualization of new digital operating methods for company processes
Digital KarmaDigital Karma

  • Organization of creative sessions to identify current potential areas of impact and utilization of selected technologies
  • Identification of company requirements and critical situations that would benefit from the implementation of adopted technologies
  • Development of test areas and direct application of identified technologies
Digital RebirthDigital Rebirth

  • Identification of operating processes and relationships, working with the company ecosystem, to enable the development of specific projects based on selected technologies
  • Adoption of selected technologies with an eye toward Business Integration; development of prototypes to align the developmental roadmap with Business priorities
  • Evolution of prototypes, through the creation of pilot technologies, based on the Business’ strategic priorities (pilot testing supports the acceptance of new technologies)
Digital MetricsDigital Metrics

  • Definition of the Digital Performance Innovation Indexes (DPII) of reference for: areas where the new technologies will be introduced, company processes to be affected, and market benchmarks for industry verticals
  • Development of framework of reference for the continuous measurement of the DPII
  • Creation of company dashboards, based on the DPII surveys, to facilitate a rapid decision making process