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How to define and manage the innovation process

InnoManagementInnovation Management

  • We have found that, except in rare cases, innovation cannot be improvised. It is the result of a systematic and ordered approach, superintended and supported by specific tools
  • Ars et Inventio supports its Clients in the design and enhancement of the innovation process through an in-depth analysis of each single situation and a method based on dialogue and accord, without prefabricated solutions. This personal approach guarantees a better adjustment and easier implementation of the solutions within the company
  • Our Innovation Management solution (V in the InnoFormula®) is a comprehensive project for those companies who are looking to redefine or structure their approach to innovation through processes, tools and governance envisioned with the current company strategy and ecosystem of reference in mind
 Inno Strategy Innovation Strategy

  • Chart the company’s innovation DNA, past experiences and approach
  • Define challenges and company priorities between strategy and innovation
  • Analyze the company culture model through meetings and interviews with C-level managers and key resources within the company in order to evaluate status quo
  • Construct and analyze the company’s innovation ecosystem, identifying both internal and external formal and informal networks
Inno Vision and ToolsInnovation Vision and Tools

  • Define the guidelines of the innovation model based on the company’s cultural profile and business mechanics
  • Assemble the internal team responsible for overseeing the project within the company
  • Launch activities relating to Idea Management, source selection, and idea generation and evaluation
  • Define Key performance innovation indexes
 Inno GovernanceInnovation Governance

  • Design of the project concept and definition of “non linear” management procedures for selected projects
  • Construction of innovation project portfolio and guidelines for selection
  • Agreement regarding Budget policy for funding the project portfolio
  • Selection of instruments and internal and external communications activities necessary to support the process
 Inno PlatformInnovation Platform

  • Evaluate potential of the company intranet
  • Evaluate the development of a dedicated in-house platform
  • Select and implement an ad hoc software platform
  • Evaluate potential participation in open and external platforms