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How to deliver innovative solutions on specific topics

Inno FactoryInnovation Factory

  • We believe that the seed of innovation is present in every company and its unique ecosystem. It is necessary to utilize the right tools, in the appropriate manner, to allow ideas to emerge and transform into value
  • Through research activities and extensive consulting experience, we have analyzed and perfected various Corporate Creativity tools and techniques that can be applied in a multitude of contexts
  • Interventions of this nature don’t necessarily need to follow a structured innovation process, but can instead be adopted for specific requests regarding a certain theme or particular innovation requirement
  • The success of this type of project is closely linked to the commitment of top management and its responsiveness regarding these issues
  • The solution proposed by Ars et Inventio is called Inno Factory (V in the InnoFormula®), with the objective of formulating a plan of action and innovative initiatives on the designated theme
Innovation ChallangeInnovation Challenge

  • Identification and contextualization of innovation challenge
  • Understanding of the Corporate Creative methodology
  • Formation of internal work group
  • Definition of potential methods of rewarding
Creative StormCreative Storm

  • Creation of “Innovation Rooms” and identification of resources (in-house and external) to involve
  • Selection of the most effective creative techniques applicable to the specific context and management of creative sessions
  • Generation of ideas in response to selected themes and construction of an idea plan
  • Formalization of concept ideas in order to select and evaluate each
Innovaction PlanInnovAction Plan

  • Activities planning for the completion of approved concepts and project management of single project
  • Definition of performance objectives for each single project
  • Support in the definition of test methods and launch of initiatives
Inno InsightInnovation Insight

  • Support during launch and project development
  • Definition of methods for monitoring and evaluating results
  • Capitalization on and sharing of project experience