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How to innovate the business model

Innovation RevolutionInnovation Revolution

  • A business model illustrates how a company is able to produce and transfer value to the Client, identifying all internal and external elements that define the competitive environment, relationships, production process and sources of cost and revenue
  • Revolutionizing the business model can sometimes decide a company’s survival and, in any case, requires a significant effort to make a change, particularly from a cultural point of view. Understanding the necessity to intervene with regard to established opinions and points of view is often a complicated obstacle to surpass, but the most dynamic organizations demonstrate how important it is to maintain attention on the big picture and to always keep an eye on new trends and the signals sent by markets and technologies
  • Our proposition in this area is called Innovation Revolution (V in the InnoFormula®), a project in which we offer our Clients support in a reassessment of the current business model and possible alternatives to develop new competitive business models
Innovation PathInnovation Path

  • Analysis of current business model and competitive dynamics
  • Mapping of implicit and explicit company proficiencies and of positive and negative experiences
  • Formalization of guidelines and extension of business model
Business Model CanvasBusiness Model Canvas

  • Identification of priority areas for innovation of business model
  • Analysis of potential methods to valorize current assets
  • Representation of business model using the BMC diagram, as elaborated by Ars et Inventio, in order to identify distinguishing characteristics
Inno SeedsInnovation Seeds

  • Prototyping and testing of new business models in order validate and evaluate efficacy
  • Test and pilot of proposed business model innovation
  • Test and pilot of functional dynamics
  • Test and pilot to evaluate internal approval rate of the project and first economic results
em and Stakeholder ApprovalEcosystem and Stakeholder approval

  • Assessment of new business model results with internal and external Stakeholders and other players in the new competitive system
  • Evaluation of possible procedures to implement in order to render the change sustainable
  • Verification of sustainability of the chosen course of innovation in regards to economic, social, environmental and institutional factors