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How to innovate your customer’s journey

Customer Journey InnovationCustomer Journey Innovation

  • Technology has significantly amplified the points of, and opportunities for, contact between companies and clients, increasing the interactions during which client satisfaction and loyalty are tested
  • Clients/users expect consistency and uniformity across all customer interfaces and, where it makes sense, also expect interchangeability and transparency so they can choose where to begin and end a transaction. Additionally, for many services the interaction is so routine that the client/user wants to be able to operate on his own or online (or from his device) while still expecting a high standard of professionalism
  • Our approach is named Customer Journey Innovation (V in the InnoFormula®) and intends to accompany clients in the elaboration and creation of innovative ventures aimed at modifying the client relationship model across various channels and content
Experience MapExperience Map

  • Analysis of all company Touch Points across all channels, both direct and indirect, during all phases of the customer relationship life cycle
  • Utilization of innovative research methods and tools to verify operational dynamics of inbound and outbound data flow and the perception of quality received
  • Identification of strengths to emphasize and weaknesses that need addressing
Customer RomanceCustomer Romance

  • Identification of the information necessary to achieve project objectives
  • Definition of a research plan and appropriate data collection techniques to meet the varying requirements of the analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of findings
  • Formalization and sharing of results with managers involved in client relationship management
Big Data and Insight FactoryBig Data and insight factory

  • Utilization of internal and external data sources to improve the level of knowledge concerning use of Touch points in relation to client profiles and to formulate behavioral and prognostic analyses regarding potential interventions
  • Planning and implementation of market research necessary for verification of conclusions
  • Evaluation of concept appeal of ideas generated in the creative phase through the implementation of advanced research instruments and by gathering feedback from decision-makers
Customer WeddingCustomer Wedding

  • Translation of the appeal of new ideas into concrete and characteristic elements of existing and newly implemented Touch Points
  • Definition of new models for feedback and for the appreciation of customer relationship
  • Planning and realization of communications activities intended to support new initiatives (consistent with values to be conveyed)