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How to leverage disruptive technologies to establish new monopolies

Innovation BombingInnovation Bombing

  • Disruptive technologies are accessible and continuously evolving at a much faster rate than the dynamics of any single business. Criteria and guidelines are necessary in order to fully understand how to benefit from these technologies and create innovative and competitive solutions for the sales proposition and positioning
  • The dilemma lies between the potential capability of disruptive technologies to actually create new commercial/sales propositions and the needs of the company to maintain a competitive position in their current product/services portfolio in order to avoid possible cannibalization
  • Our approach in this sphere is called Innovation Bombing (V in the InnoFormula®), a project in which we offer our Clients a process that encourages them to continually rethink their product/services portfolio. This analysis, based on a different strategic and managerial formula, allows clients to find the correct balance between expectations and short-term investments and medium/long-term opportunities
Creativity DistructionCreativity Destruction

  • Definition of the company’s technology map
  • Agreement upon disruptive and exponential technologies panorama
  • Validation of disruptive and exponential technologies
Technology StormTechnology Storm

  • Formation of disruptive technologies Rooms, involving in-house and external resources
  • Scouting of technology and expertise
  • Selection of the most effective creative techniques for the specific context and management of creative sessions
  • Definition of different environments in which disruptive technologies can be applied
Kill Your ChildrenKill Your Children

  • Discussion and destruction of target product and services portfolio
  • Generation of new products and services utilizing disruptive technologies
  • Assessment of internal and external feasibility of new products and services
  • Scouting of necessary new technological proficiencies
Feeding the new ChildrenFeeding the new children

  • Definition and realization of the organizational supervision for each single project
  • Prototypes and testing of new products and services to validate and evaluate effectiveness
  • Verification of the sustainability of “new monopolies” in economic and competitive terms
  • Capitalization on and sharing of obtained results