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How to leverage entrepreneurship culture in your company

Innovation VentureInnovation Venture

  • Ars et Inventio has defined an operating model around the theme of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Corporate Venture Capital that is able to support businesses in all the planning and management phases of possible ventures: call for ideas, incubators, startup accelerators, mentor programs and investment plans for startups
  • Widespread entrepreneurship and internal initiative represent two opportunities that a company must seize in order to increase the probability of intercepting random innovation
  • Building “antennas” and “entryways” permits a business to listen to its own innovation ecosystem and thus organize relationships with the world of entrepreneurship, a carrier of ideas capable of cultivating internal know-how and capabilities. Stimulating the entrepreneurial culture within its own structure empowers a business to define new methods for directing internal skills and for diffusing new processes
  • These two courses of action make up the Corporate Entrepreneurship model, a model to be personalized and aligned with specific short and long-term business objectives
  • Our proposal, Innovation Venture (V in the InnoFormula®), guides our clients in the definition of possible methods of opening their own business environments to development models focused on internal and external entrepreneurial initiatives
Ecosystem Innovation MapEcosystem Innovation Map

  • Design of company’s surrounding environment, identifying the relationship network and key players regarding entrepreneurial ideas with the scope of developing new ventures (identification of ideas that are coherent with present strategies and that make the most of current assets)
  • External mapping: formalization and classification of connections with key players in the company ecosystem
  • Internal mapping: formalization of relationship between invested/investible resources and the governance model for innovation projects
  • Definition of governance regarding the identification of new partners and the streamlining of rules of engagement
Entrepreneurship ModelEntrepreneurship Model

  • Outline of agreed upon model, designed to capitalize on the entrepreneurial skills already present in the company
  • Definition of training program contents, in relation to new professional figures/necessary skills
  • Definition of processes for identification, evaluation and creation of various initiatives
  • Definition of budget assignment mechanisms, incentive systems and relative career paths
Wake Up CallWake Up Call

  • Formulation of activities intended to demonstrate the company’s attention to CE and to stimulating real opportunities for projects designed around innovative ideas (in-out and out-in), reinforcing the relationship between innovative startups and the company ecosystem
  • Action planning, call for ideas, incubators, startup accelerators, mentor programs and startup investment pl
  • Definition of rules and documentation of engagement for project participants
  • Outline of plan of action and subsequent relationship management of innovation projects (mentor/governance/network → ecosystem)
Ready Set GoReady, Set, Go

  • Support in the selection and evaluation of projects stemming from ideas within the company ecosystem (internal resources and network); planning of test/prototype activities in order to confirm real commitment to business strategies and, therefore, decide how to move forward with the development phase
  • Identification of the steps necessary to test the validity of the newly developed venture
  • Definition of support activities in the different validation phases
  • Direction of attention toward players in the company ecosystem (internal resources and network) as related to skills and methods of engagement