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How to picture innovation

Design Model InnovationDesign Model Innovation

  • The partnership between Ars et Inventio and Newtone stems from the necessity to unite highly specialized skills and experiences in complementary fields. We focus on projects whose objective is to support the client in a shared innovation process in which ideas are generated to define design requirements for products and physical spaces
  • The goal is to offer a complete approach and service, encompassing all the skills and process steps in one single projec
  • We designated this project methodology Design Model Innovation (V in the InnoFormula®). A coherent process begins with preliminary analyses and is followed by the creative phase, concluding with the planning and coordination of tasks necessary to realize the project
Brand LabBrand Lab

  • Analyses of brand communication and value
  • Study of the concept of image and brand values
  • Analyses of the use of the brand for products and/or services offered
  • Analyses of the use of the brand in the company’s physical and virtual spaces
Creative Storm DMICreative Storm

  • Construction of Innovation Rooms and identification of resources (internal and external) to involve
  • Utilization of the Visual and Design Thinking methodology in regards to project objectives
  • Generation of creative ideas and distinctive, stylistic design traits
  • Formalization of ideas in mockup studio to be selected and evaluated
Design InnovationDesign Innovation

  • Development of design system consistent with agreed upon guidelines
  • Visualization of creative proposal (in 3D rendering) contextualized within the settings, details and objects of the project goal
  • Utilization of the design system in different formats and applications
  • Sharing and perfecting design with Work Group before moving on to prototype and then definitive design
Space InnovationSpace Innovation

  • Finalization of design project, regarding space and objects, for each single element
  • Formalization of documentation examining project features
  • Management and delivery of final, executed project