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How to spread the innovation culture in your company

Inno PeopleInnovation People

  • People are the determining factor in the desire and possibility for innovation
  • Involvement and determination on the part of management in relation to the design of the innovation project represent the first step in the process. It is then necessary to accompany this drive with concrete actions and initiatives, with the objective of cultivating awareness and participation of internal resources to optimize skills and results
  • An operational plan must affect the culture of the individual and of the organization as a whole
  • Our proposition, Innovation People (V in the InnoFormula ®), supports our customers in the interpretation and evaluation of the company’s cultural context and in the design and implementation of the action plan, consistent with the original DNA and with the overall strategy
Innovation CultureInnovation Culture

  • Assessment of company culture and in-house resources concerning predisposition toward innovation and creativity
  • Support in the identification of those resources most inclined to handle innovation
  • Research and training of qualified figures within the company’s innovation culture
  • Formation of inter-functional working groups focused on specific themes
Innovation and Creativity CampInnovation and creativity camp

  • Organization of training courses dedicated to the use of Innovation and Creative instruments
  • Management of training programs with in-depth theoretical analyses and practical experimentations
  • Creation of physical spaces for the sharing and diffusion of the innovation culture
Innovation LeagueInnovation League

  • Planning of internal initiatives including contests and competitions to involve internal resources
  • Definition of career paths based on the innovation process
  • Evaluation of compatible incentive programs based primarily on visibility and opportunities for professional growth (training, participation in special projects and collaboration with management)
  • Design of objective and measurable indicators and criteria to determine career advancements and distribution of awards for visibility and reputation
Inno EventsInnovation Events

  • Organization of company events to support the diffusion of creativity and innovation in the company
  • Sharing of results obtained from the innovation process
  • Public recognition to those persons who were most involved