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Since 2010, Ars et Inventio organizes, together with Il Sole 24 Ore Business School and in collaboration with Nòva24, a “MASTER in INNOVATION MANAGEMENT” – MIM.

The objective of the Master is to develop the managerial and management skills necessary for a “Chief Innovation Officer,” a figure capable of shaping, organizing and leading a company’s innovation process.

MIM-V-sidebarInnovation is a necessity for companies, particularly in the current economic situation. Only through innovation is it possible to differentiate oneself from the competition, achieving and maintaining leadership positions for the long-term, which in turn increase margins and create conditions that permit the company to define new “competitive monopolies”.

The curriculum of the Master includes the intervention of prominent figures of reference in the field in order to provide important viewpoints and dialogue regarding the topics of strategy and innovation, the role of creativity and methods for nurturing it.

Importance is also placed on the themes of Corporate Entrepreneurship and on startups, specifically as products of the development of innovation culture within a company and in markets of reference. Topics related to the culture of leadership and innovation are also explored through experimental sessions and project work.

Appreciating the importance and value of networks, each year we organize an event, Innoland, to bring together Alumni of the program.

In March, the 5th edition will start, with big news in the organization and program. For details, see the brochure.

Since 2012, Ars et Inventio and NewTone are also involved in the definition of didactic material for the “MASTER in DESIGN MANAGEMENT” organized by Il Sole 24 Ore Business School.

master-innovation-design-sole24oreIn the new global dimension and today’s highly competitive business environment, companies are becoming ever more complicated to manage. In these circumstances, design management is able to merge a company’s planning and marketing needs with the originality of design, creating a highly competitive product: a key objective for those companies that look toward innovation of goods and products in order to dominate the competition. Therefore, it is inconceivable to innovate these days without also taking into consideration the increasingly important role of design, an important factor contributing to the development of the company, influencing its image, brand and ability to offer innovative solutions.

The objective of the Master is to transfer the managerial, economic, management, and communication skills that may otherwise be lacking in those persons who followed more technical educational paths. A multidisciplinary approach helps to closer align participants’ professional profiles to the demands of the market, paying particular focus to current themes including, the importance of innovation, green concept, the impact of new digital technologies and strategies of internationalization.

For more detailed information, see the brochure